H5 Game: 0hh1
This is a web based logic puzzle game built by Martin Kool. The game’s source code is licensed under MIT license and you can download and play the game on iOS, Android as well as on Windows and Windows Phone.
H5 Game: Agent 8 ball
Agent 8 ball is a fun HTML5 pool game with bombs. Developed by Pixel Lab, Agent 8 ball is quite a polished game built with kbuild and licensed under MIT license.
H5 Game: Hextris
Rotate the Hexagon to prevent the blocks from stacking outside the outer grey hexagon!
H5 Game: 2048
2048 is a small puzzle game that ended up taking the world by storm in a very unexpected way. In this game, you move tiles on a 4x4 board. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge and their value doubles. To win, you need to reach the coveted “2048” tile.